MCDvoice – To make the consumer happier, McDonald’s uses feedback from their customer satisfaction survey. Additionally, the survey will be used to advance the business in all directions. The survey’s objective is to make sure that standards and quality fulfill client needs. Customers who complete the McDVOICE survey are given a coupon they can use on their subsequent visit to a McDonald’s location.

Take McDonald’s Survey


You will be compensated for participating in the survey, and you will also be assisting McDonald’s in improving the quality of its service and food. And keep in mind that it only takes a few minutes to complete the survey in order to receive a voucher that you can use on your subsequent trip to McDonald’s.

Take McDonald’s Survey

Participation process for Survey

  1. Visit the official website to begin the McDVOICE Survey.
  2. When you first access the website, you can choose your preferred language.
  3. Enter the “survey code” from your McDonald’s receipt after choosing your language.
  4. If the survey code is not visible on your receipt, enter the store number, visit date, and visit time instead. Click “Start” after entering the appropriate information.
  5. The survey page with a short questions list is now visible.
  6. Inquiries concerning the staff’s conduct, the caliber of the food, and the service will also be made. Attempt to respond fairly to all inquiries.
  7. After completing all of the questions, press the “Submit Button.”
  8. Now, after the procedure is finished, you will be given a validation code.
  9. Keep a record of the validation code. For your next trip to the store, you’ll need this code to redeem it.

Take McDonald’s Survey

Rules & Regulations for Survey

McDonald's Survey

  • Each McDonald’s location allows consumers to complete up to five surveys per month.
  • Within seven days of completing your survey, you must use your coupon code from; an extension is strictly prohibited.
  • You need to live in the USA or Canada.
  • At least 15 years of age are required.
  • You must utilize the last week’s legitimate receipts for registration.
  • You haven’t previously had employment at McDonald’s.
  • McDVOICE has the right to revoke the coupon at any moment and without cause.

Aim of the McDonald’s Survey

The management of McDonald’s wants to make sure that all the millions of customers it serves every day are satisfied with the food, the prices, the staff’s attitudes, the service offered, the cleanliness as well as the overall customer experience.

McDonald’s is the second largest and arguably the most recognizable fast-food chain in the world.

The primary objectives of the McDVoice customer satisfaction survey are to obtain sincere and unbiased feedback from customers in order to continuously improve the customer experience and to address any issues or problems relating to the food, the behavior of the employees, the cleanliness of the establishments, and the services offered at any McDonald’s outlet in the USA.

Take McDonald’s Survey

About McDonald’s Company

McDonald’s is a well-known fast food chain. The restaurant chain has a strong international reputation. Its menu features an unusually large variety of goods.

To cater to local demographics, McDonald’s offers slightly diverse cuisines around the world, ranging from burgers to desserts.

The Covid-19 pandemic caused a decline in customers at McDonald’s restaurants. Most people either stopped acquiring food from outside altogether or requested it to be delivered to their houses while the lockdown was in effect. Additionally, McDonald’s provides their dependable drive-thru service.

Take McDonald’s Survey

Contact Care For McDonald’s Survey

If you are having trouble accessing Otherwise, don’t hesitate to call 1-800-244-6227, which is a toll-free number (7 a.m to 7 p.m).

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